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William Frederick Bloor
1832 - 1892


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  Aug 4, 1832 St. Clairsville, Belmont Co., OH Nov 4, 1892 Columbus, OH. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery, VA
James Bloor May 25, 1780/9 Frederick, MD After 1860 Monroe County, OH?
Mary Ann Nagle May 17, 1797 Bedford Springs, PA Aug 24, 1868 Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH
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1850 Census for William F. Bloor shown still living at home with father
1850 U. S. Census, Richland Township, Belmont County, Ohio
Name   Race Gender Age Relation Occupation Birth Place
Bloor James W M 61   Carpenter Md
  Mary A. W F 53     Pa
  Bunnissa W F 20     O
  Calista W F 13     O
  Sarah W F 10     O
  Wm W M 18   Printer O
William F. Bloor living with brother in California
1860 U.S. Census, Marysville Ward 1, Yuba County, California   See Census
Name   Age Gender Race Occupation Birth Place
Bloor George W. 33 M W Printer / 4200 / 1800 OH
  Victoria A. 20 F W   TN
White Lambert W 6 M W   CA
Hickey Julia 23 F W Servant Ireland
Bloor William F. 26 M W Printer / 300 OH
William F. Bloor Civil War Pension Record

Name: William F. Bloor
Company: A
Unit: 25 Ohio Infantry.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: 1 Lieutenant
Allegiance: Union

Box 552; Extraction 9; Record 2667 United States National Archives

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1870 Census for William F. Bloor
1870 U. S. Census, Eighth Ward Columbus City, Franklin County, Ohio
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Bloor William F. W M 39 Jour Printer Ohio
  Esther E. W F 34 At Home Ohio
  George W M 14   Ohio
  Anna B W F 9   Ohio
  Victoria W F 8   Ohio
  William W M 3   Ohio
  Fletcher W M 1   Ohio
1880 Census for William F. Bloor
1880 U. S. Census, Sixth Ward Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio
Name   Relation Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place Birth Place
Birth Place
Bloor William F.   W M 49 Printer OH MD PA
  Hester E. Wife W F 45 Keeping House OH VA DE
  George W. Son W M 24 Printer OH OH OH
  Anna B Daughter W F 20 at home OH OH OH
  Victoria Daughter W F 19 at school OH OH OH
  William O. Son W M 14 at school OH OH OH
  John F. Son M M 11 at school OH OH OH
  Cadamus Son W M 8 at school OH OH OH
Burial site for William Frederick Bloor at Arlington Cemetery

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Source of photos:  Edward (Ted) Tyler on the Find A Grave website
The Ohio Historical Society - Civil War Documents - Searchable Database

Letters regarding William F. Bloor promotion to 1st Lieutenant
Database accesses Aug 27, 2006


January 14, 1862
Richard Nevins, et. al., Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. To Governor David Tod. Letter signed by sixteen individuals; recommending William F. Bloor, a Private in Company A, 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry now in Virginia, for promotion from the ranks; and stating that the recommendation was based on grounds of personal fitness and qualifications, that they urged the claims of Bloor, that from their knowledge of Bloor, they were confident he would make a good officer, that Bloor was active, vigilant, energetic, clear minded, and gentlemanly, that Bloor had been in active and arduous service since July 1, 1861, and that Bloor had experience and practical knowledge of military affairs.
1 p. [Series 147-23: 208]


February 2, 1862
John W. Okey, Goodale House, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. To Governor David Tod. Letter stating that application had been made to Tod on behalf of William F. Bloor for promotion in the army, that Bloor was working in Columbus as a printer when the 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry was organized at Camp Jackson, that after all the officers were selected for Company A, Bloor joined it as a Private, that Bloor had been born and raised in Belmont County where Company A was formed, that according to officers and Privates in the regiment, all the fighting in western Virginia had been done by soldiers who had specially volunteered for the service, that in every instance, Bloor had volunteered and conducted himself in a praiseworthy manner, that Bloor desired to be promoted to the post of a Lieutenant, that Bloor was his brother-in-law, that he was prepared to speak of Bloor's fitness and trusted that he would not be regarded as out of place in doing so, that he thought Bloor's intelligence would compare favorably with that of any man in the regiment, that Bloor's character and habits were without objection, that Bloor was in every way fitted for the place and even for one of more importance, that a 2nd Lieutenant's position had become vacant in Company A, that in October 1861, at the urgent request of the Honorable Edward Archbold, Governor William Dennison appointed Archbold's son, A.C. Archbold, to fill the vacancy, that the appointment was so distasteful to the men that A.C. Archbold had never performed any duty in the company nor had he reported himself to it, that the company had in fact been without a 2nd Lieutenant for four months, that he did not mean to imply that A.C. Archbold was not a proper person to fill the post of a Lieutenant and indeed thought that Archbold was a worthy young man, that Company A objected to a man from a Monroe County company as the feeling between the Belmont County and Monroe County companies was by no means cordial, that Company A desired a Lieutenant from within the company, that if Tod would assign A.C. Archbold to another company and appoint Bloor to the vacancy thus created, it would be much more satisfactory to all parties and a real benefit to the service, and that he would regard the appointment of Bloor as a personal favor and Bloor and his family would be not less gratified.
3 pp. [Series 147-24: 104]


March 6, 1862
B[enjamin] R. Cowen, Secretary of State's Office, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. To Governor David Tod. Letter stating that having learned that an application had been filed in Tod's department for the promotion of William F. Bloor of the 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry to a Lieutenancy, he took pleasure in recommending him for said promotion, that Bloor was a schoolmate of his and they were raised together in the same village, that he therefore spoke knowingly when he said that Bloor was entirely worthy of the position sought, and that Bloor was intelligent, industrious, prompt, brave, and loyal.
1 p. [Series 147-28: 5]


March 29, 1862
James F. Charlesworth, Captain, Company A, 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Camp Milroy, near Beverly, Virginia. To Governor David Tod. Letter stating that he learned by letters from home that there had been nine or ten applications for the vacant 2nd Lieutenancy in his company, that instead of recommending 1st Sergeant Hezekiah Thomas as he promised to do, Lieutenant Colonel William P. Richardson, in command of the regiment, had recommended Private William F. Bloor who was not always sober, and that there were various other influences at work to prevent the appointment of the man of their choice, 1st Sergeant Hezekiah Thomas, that he felt a deep interest in the welfare of the company, that he enlisted it from among the best families of Belmont County, Ohio and promised the parents and friends that he would not leave it and would do all in his power to make and keep it a No. 1 company, that so far, the company had maintained a good reputation for conduct and bravery on the field, that he was extremely anxious to have the company continue to merit the approval and praise of friends at home, that this would only happen if he had good and efficient Lieutenants to aid him, that he feared, if political demagogues and mere place hunters took control and governed the appointments, the company would become dispirited and to a great extent lose its spirit of emulation, and that he hoped Tod would either appoint 1st Sergeant Hezekiah Thomas (who had distinguished himself in action, was wounded at the battle of Alleghany on December 13, 1861, and still had a squirrel rifle ball in his leg received in that fight) or submit the question to a vote of the company where there would be no danger of an improper choice being made.
2 pp. [Series 147-30: 135]


April 25, 1862
John W. Okey, Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio. To the Honorable A.T. Ready. Letter stating that some time ago, he had a conversation with the Governor in relation to the promotion of William F. Bloor, but he feared, in the hurry of the extraordinary business imposed on him, that the matter had been neglected or forgotten, that Bloor was a Private in Company A, 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry and joined it after the officers were elected and appointed, that Bloor was in every way fitted for the post of a 2nd Lieutenant, that Bloor possessed a competent knowledge of the manual of arms and drill, that Bloor's character as a sober and attentive soldier was all that could be desired, that Bloor's intelligence would compare favorably with that of any man in the district, and that anything Ready could do to further this matter would be regarded as a personal favor. Together with a letter dated April 26, 1862, from A.T. Ready, Ohio Senate Chamber, to Governor David Tod; endorsing everything Okey said; and stating that he would be highly gratified by Bloor's appointment to either a Lieutenancy or Captaincy, that he had no doubt about Bloor's fitness for any position in the company, and that he hoped Tod might be pleased to appoint Bloor to the first vacancy.
2 pp. [Series 147-34: 180]


May 1, 1862
John W. Okey, Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio. To Governor David Tod. Letter stating that he had just learned from Captain [Jeremiah] Williams, 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry that 1st Lieutenant Francis M. Sinclair had resigned, that the vacancy had been or soon would be reported to the Executive Office, that he trusted this would afford another chance for William F. Bloor of Company A, that Bloor was strongly recommended by the Lieutenant Colonel commanding the regiment, Senator [A.T.] Ready, and many others who knew him personally, that he would not mention Bloor's promotion again, but for the fact that he knew how very likely such matters were to escape Tod's recollection in the great press of business which devolved upon him, and that if Tod could direct that a commission issue to Bloor to fill the first vacant 2nd Lieutenancy, it would be regarded as a personal favor.
2 pp. [Series 147-34: 179]



October 22, 2006