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Karen Jeanette Epperson


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location  
      still living    
Henry Grady Epperson July 3, 1918 Akron, Ohio Dec 12, 1992 Chugiak, Alaska  
Nadeen Evelyn Ward Jun 12, 1917 Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL Sep 20, 2000 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  
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Wedding photo of father Henry Grady Epperson and mother Nadeen Evelyn Ward Henry Grady Epperson with wife Nadeen and daughter Karen Karen Jeanette Epperson
Karen Jeanette Epperson Karen JeanetteEpperson  
Karen with her husband Guy Braswell, daughters Jeanette and Ann, son Michael and father and mother-in-law. Karen with the whole family Karen and Guy Braswell with their three grandchildren Brennan, Torin, and Jacob
August 20, 2006