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Moses Phillips 1785 - 1874


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  Dec 7, 1785 Virginia 1874 (Have found no documents or grave markers that back-up this death year) Randolph Co. WV (most likely)  There are very few death records available for Randolph Co., between 1870 - 1880
Thomas Fretwell Phillips Apr 12, 1745 Crabcreek, VA Aug 8, 1810 Randolph Co, VA (Family Data Collections-Individual Records Record)
Susanna Nancy Kittle Jun 4, 1738 Wawarsing, Ulster Co., NY ?  
See Marriage and Children of Moses Phillips 1785 - 1894....

About Moses Phillips' middle name - Many family trees and online records have Moses' middle initial as "J".  There are several Moses J Phillips or Moses Jefferson Phillips within this family tree.  However, I have found no historical documents that have this Moses' middle initial as J.
Family Data Collection - Births Record about Moses Phillips

Name: Phillips, Moses
Father: Phillips , Thomas Fretwell
Mother: Kittle , Susanna Nancy
Birth Date: 7 December 1785
State: VA
Country: USA
August 26, 2021