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Marriages and Children of
Jacob Vanscoy 1782 - 1859


Marriage 1 Birth Death Notes
Catherine Hixon (Slagle 1st marriage?) 1782 VA Dec 1 1857
Randolph Co., VA
Married around 1809-1810
Children Birth Death Notes
Mary "Polly" Vanscoy Apr 7, 1804 Jan 19, 1891 Married George Hays Dec 2, 1824, Randolph Co., VA
William Vanscoy 1810 VA Sep 14, 1865, Randolph Co., WV m. Sarah Hart - (b. May 1, 1818, VA, daughter of John Scudder Hart and Jemima Slagle;  d. May 16, 1892, Pheasant Run, Randolph Co., WV) - Nov 15, 1836
Aaron Vanscoy abt 1811 bef. 1850 Married Deliah Schoonover May 24, 1836, Randolph Co., VA
Margaret Vanscoy? abt 1812    
John Vanscoy abt 1815 1871
Leroy, KS
Married Emily Slagel Jan 12, 1844, Randolph Co., VA
Rebecca Vanscoy abt 1816   Married William Holtsberry
Ellis Hixon Vanscoy 1817
Randolph Co., VA
Jan 23, 1876 Married Mary "Polly" Hays (Hayse) on Jun 6, 1839, Randolph Co., VA
Emily Vanscoy abt 1820    
Jacob Vanscoy Jun 13, 1822   Married Elizabeth Rennix Sep 20, 1849
1850 Census for Jacob Vanscoy - Note: there are numerous websites that list Jacob as deceased in 1845 but this census data shows him still alive at 70 living with his wife Catherine.  Son William W. Vanscoy is also on this census data page.
1850 U. S. Census, Randolph County, Virginia
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Vanscoy Jacob W M 70 Farmer VA
  Catharine W F 68   VA
  Margaret W F 35   VA
  Emily W F 28   VA
  Elias W M 13   VA
  Hixon W M 10   VA
Source: http://www.wvhome.com/wvhome/Community/church/israel/Israelpapers.htm

From the "History of the United Israel Methodist Church" Route 1, Montrose, WV 16283
Written in 1972.

This is from a pamphlet that was sent to Sandra Tyler Duncan from a cousin.  Sandra typed in the entire pamphlet and other papers about the Israel church.  Please visit her web site (link above) to see her entire document.  We have include here, those parts that pertain to Jacob Vanscoy and his immediate family.

The Slagle or Israel Methodist Episcopal Church has a wide and varied history starting when a few people in this small community realized the need of a place to worship God.

The site was chosen in 1845 and the land was given by Jacob Vanscoy and his wife Catherine to the trustees in trust for the use and purpose stated; one acre meeting house for the sum of $5 that was given back to help with the building.

The first trustees were Jacob Slagle, John M. Vanscoy, George W. Rennix, Joseph Coberly, and Jacob Vanscoy.

With hard work and faithful prayer the choice trees on the surrounding farms were cut into logs and hewed for the little log church. The seats were also made from hewed logs.

That summer while the church was being built, Sunday School and Prayer Meeting were held under a chestnut tree on the Vanscoy Farm.

After its completion, it was dedicated and named the Slagle Methodist Episcopal Church and entered into the West Virginia Methodist Episcopal conference
Twenty-two years went by that we have no records, only that services were held regularly.

In one of the class books dated 1867,Beverly Circuit, the Rev. S. B. D. Pickett was the pastor and Alphous Skidmore was the Class Leader.

At that time the family names of Skidmore, Vanscoy, Wilmoth, Denton, Rice, Hart, Smith, Gilmore, Rennix, Hide, Wilfong, Piercy, Taylor, and Coberly were entered.

1891 - - The old Log Church was replaced by the present church and the name changed from Slagle Methodist Episcopal Church to the Israel Methodist Episcopal Church. The carpenters were
Emmett “Big” Burkey [Bucky, pronounced bookie] Vanscoy and son Bruce. There is one board back of the pulpit from the old church. The shingles for the roof were made by John I. Vanscoy and the seats by Emmett Burkey [Buckey] Vanscoy.

1962 - - New chairs at a cost of $23.88 were bought for the kindergarten. The seats that were made by
Emmett Burkey [Buckey] “Big” Vanscoy and son Bruce when the church was built in 1891, were taken apart and put through a sander then put together with screws and finished in a lighter color.



Page 314

This Indenture made this sixteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-five between Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife of the County of Randolph in the State of Virginia of the one part and Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cu[o]berly, Jacob Vanscoy trustees in trust for the use and purpose here in after mentioned all of the County of Randolph in the State of Virginia aforesaid of the other part. that the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of five Dollars in___ to them in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these present The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold released confirmed and conveyed and by these presents doth give grant bargain sell release confirm and convey unto the said Jacob S1agle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, Jacob Vanscoy and their successors Trustees in Trust for the use and purpose hereinafter mentioned and declare all the estate with title interest property claim and demand whatsoever either in law Equity which be the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife hath into or upon all and singular a certain lot or piece of land situated lying and being in the county of Randolph and state aforesaid bounded on as follows to wit beginning at a white oak near the road running south 88 East eleven poles to a stake North 2 east 15 poles to a white oak North 88 West 11 poles to a white oak south two west 15 poles to the beginning continuing and laid off for one acre of land together with all and singular this house woods water and appurtenances then belonging or in any wise pertaining to have and to hold all and singular the above mentioned and discurbed tract or parcel of land Situated lying and being as aforesaid togather with all and Singular the house the woods water wais and privilage there to belonging or in any wise appertaining unto these the said Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, John Vanscoy and there successors in office for use in Trust that they shall erect and build or cause to be erected and built there a house or place of Worship for the use of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America according_____ and disciplin which from time may be agreed upon and adopted by the ministers and preachers of the Said Church at the general conferance in the United States of America and in further trust and confidence that they shall at all times forever hereafter permit such minister and preacher belonging to the Said Church as shall from time to time be duely authorized by the general conferance of the minister and preacher of the said Methodist Episcipal Church or by the annual conference authorized by the said general conference to preach and _____ Gods Holy word there in and tu further trust and comprise that as often as any one or more of the trustees here to fore mentioned Shall die or sease to be a member a member of the said Church according to the rules and disciplin as foresaid then and in such case it shall be the duty of the stationed minister or preacher can as aforesaid who shall have the pastorial charge of the members of the said Church to call a meeting of the remaining trustees as soon as convinuntly may be and when so met the said minister or preacher shall present to nominate one or more persons to fill the place or places of him or them whose office or offices has been vacated as aforesaid provided the person or persons so nominated shall have been a member or members of the Said Church immediately preceeding such nominations and be at least twenty_one years of age and this said trustee so shall proceed to Elect and by a majority of votes appoint the person or persons so nominated to fill such vacancy or vacancies in order to keep up the number of five trustees forever and in case of an equal number of votes for and against the said nomination the stationed minister or preacher shall have the casting vote and this said Jacob Vanscoy and Catherine his wife doth by this present now and forever define all and singular the before mentions and described lot or place of land with the appurtenances there to belonging and to them this said Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, Jacob Vanscoy and there successor and appointed as aforesaid from the claim or claims of him the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catherine his wife their heirs and _____and from the claim or claims of all persons what ever in testimony where of the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife have hereto let there hand and seal this day and year aforesaid sealed and delivered in presence of us

Jacob Vanscoy (seal)
Katharine Vanscoy (seal)

Received the day of date of the above written_____ consideration there in mentioned in full.

NOTE: I just transferred this document from a scanned document to a saved document, as I ran my spell-checker I only changed the words that “I” had missed and left the rest the way they were in the original document as I found it.

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