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Thomas Jefferson
Dismuke / Dismukes
1829 -  before 1880


About the last name of Dismuke or Dismukes
.  The use of the "s" at the end of the name can be considered correct.  The omission of the "s" could also be considered correct.

If you are doing research, use both variations of the name in your search.  Documents found, may use both variations of the name within the same branch of the family.  Even in cemeteries, the same family will use both spellings.  Instead of fighting over which spelling is correct, just accept that both spellings are correct unless you have original source documentation that can track the specific usage of either spelling over a period of time. 

There were several Thomas Jefferson Dismuke in this era.  Many genealogical sources have them mixed them up, in one way or the other. They were.....as much as I could figure out:

--Thomas Jefferson Dismuke - b. Mar 4 1811, GA, son of Edmond Dismuke (1757 - 1828) and Bethany Hannah "Ina" Cox; d. Mar 17 1889 in Coffee County, AL buried in McGee Cemetery, Clintonville, Coffee Co., AL; m. Sarah C. Brunt in 1857 in Pike County, GA; .  This Thomas Jefferson Dismuke was the uncle of Thomas Jefferson Dismuke (1829 - bef 1880).  In the 1850 census for Macon Co., GA, the Dismuke family found, is not this Thomas Jefferson. If this Thomas Dismuke married Sarah in 1857, they would not be in the 1850 census together.

--Thomas Jefferson Dismuke - b. Dec 1831, GA son of Rueben Dismuke and Margaret Collins. m. Elsey Bailey.  Family trees have the death of this Thomas the same year and place for Thomas Jefferson Dismuke (1829 -  bef 1880)

--T J Dismuke - b. ca. 1811-1813 married Edna E Culbreath, Nov 2, 1865, Macon Co., AL.  Shown together in 1870 and 1880 Census in Texas, Macon Co., AL.  No children shown.

  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  May 24, 1829 ? GA before 1880 Glenville, Russell Co., AL ?
Edmond Dismuke ca 1805 GA ca 1873-1875  
??---Mary? Polly Langston ??? ca 1805 GA 1829 ?  
- See Marriages and Children of Thomas Jefferson Dismuke 1829 - bef 1880

Siblings - select a name below to view their page.   
The children listed under Margaret Williams, Frances C Tate, and Mary Langford are half-siblings of Thomas
Please note:  The children listed below are Edmond Dismuke 1805's children.
This list does not include the children of his wives' previous marriages.
Polly Langston Margaret Williams Frances C Tate Mary F Langford
Thomas Jefferson Dismuke Eleanor
William Dismuke Bethania Elizabeth Dismuke Caroline Dismuke Julia Ann Dismuke Lucinda Dismuke Edmund
Thomas Dismuke
Eveline Dismuke Joseph Dismuke Henry J Dismuke Mary Elizabeth Dismuke

Regarding the mother of Thomas Jefferson Dismuke (1829 - bef 1880)

In a few family trees for the Dismuke(s) families, Thomas Jefferson Dismuke was the only child of Edmond Dismuke during his first marriage to Polly Langston.  Polly Langston supposedly died in 1829.  The birth date for Thomas Jefferson Dismuke is given as May 24, 1829.  However, Edmond Dismuke married his second wife, Margaret Williams on Feb 19, 1829, Pike Co., GA.  See marriage license for Edmond and Margaret

Could the birth year for Thomas be actually 1828??
Did Polly die in 1828, not 1829?

Of note:  Some family trees list Polly Langston as Mary Polly Langston.

The marriage license for Edmond Dismuke and second wife Margaret Williams is found in the marriage book for Pike Co., GA.  However, I can find no marriage record for Edmond Dismuke with Polly Langston in GA.  I searched all counties in GA between the years 1825 - 1829. (Yes, ALL of them!)  I looked for all Dismuke(s) and all Langston in the records. 

Where is the proof of the marriage of Edmond Dismuke and Polly Langston??

You may also try searching all of the marriage records in Georgia at this website:

1)  In the bottom left of the page, select the county you want and then click "search".
2)  Then select the Marriage Book" you want from the list
3)  Look first at the Index for the book.
4)  If you find the name you want, note the page number given.
5)  Then go to that page for the marriage license.

There are two books where this marriage information originated from....

They are:

-- Frankie Dismukes Wilson, "The Dismukes family and related families"
-- Bernice Dismukes, "The Dismukes and their kin". 

Neither book provides any source documentation for the marriage of Edmond Dismuke with Polly Langston.  There is also no documentation regarding where the birth date for Thomas came from.

There are errors in these books.  Unfortunately, these errors have been copied over and over again by family tree makers on ancestry.com and familysearch.org

Census Data for Thomas Jefferson Dismuke  (1829 - bef 1880)

US Census records for this specific Thomas are non-existent until 1860.  The entire family, including his father Edmond are no where to be found in the 1850 US Census records.  It appears as if I am not the only one who has not found the 1850 US Census for this family.  None of the family trees on the internet and in print, have information for the US Census 1850.  I have gone so far as to go through each individual census page for Macon Co., Alabama looking for this family.   

There is an Edmond and Thomas (wife Sarah) listed for Macon Co., AL in the US Census 1850.  They are not part of this family.  Where they fit in (if they do), I have not been able to figure out. The ages do not fit nor do the two minor children James and John.

In 1850, father Edmond's second wife Margaret died.  If Edmond was found in the 1850 US Census he would have been 45 years old with some children living with him, such as daughters Bethania Elizabeth b. 1833 and Julia Ann b. 1839.

In 1850, Thomas would have been about 21 years old.  His first marriage is not until Mar 17, 1853, Macon Co., AL to Nancy Emiline Hause.  He most likely would be living with his father in 1850.

In the Alabama State Census (different from the US Census), father Edmund with the children are found in 1850, 1855, and 1866 in Macon County.  In the 1850 Alabama Census there is one white male old enough to be Thomas in the household of Edmund.

1850 Alabama State Census, Macon County under Edmond Dismuke      See this Census Record
    My Notes - possible family members
White males under 21 3  
White males over 21 1 Thomas
White males between 18 - 45 1 Thomas again
White males over 45 1 Edmond
White females under 21 5 Bethania, Julia, ?, ?, ?
White females over 21   Margaret passes before census so not listed. Before marriage to 3rd wife Frances so she is also not listed.
Total Inhabitants 9 Should have been 10? 8 under 21, plus Thomas and Edmond

- See Marriages and Children of Thomas Jefferson Dismuke 1829 - bef 1880

November 17, 2016