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Tuff Shed - What to Expect

After purchasing your Tuff Shed they send you this document

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You’ve decided on the building style, size and design. Important planning remains for you and for us, including:

• Vents - We strongly recommend adding vents to your building. Along with paint and roofing, there may be no other feature that can help protect your building better.

• Insulation - If you are planning to insulate or finish the inside of your building, we need to know so that we can design the building to perform as an insulated structure.

• Building Permit(s)/HOA Requirements – Customers need to confirm with their HOA and/or municipality for appropriate building permit requirements. Contact us immediately if you need help.


Your building will be here before you know it. Now it’s time to prepare the site and yourself for the upcoming installation:

• Prepare the Job Site – Clean the site of all debris (i.e. old tree stumps, trash, dog waste, etc) and a pathway to and from where the delivery vehicle parks.

• Leveling the Site – To attain the maximum performance for your Tuff Shed building, the structure needs to be
level. If the site is more than 4” out of level, a charge will apply. Please see details on leveling your shed on the next page.

• Scheduling – We will contact you to schedule installation date and time range.

• Pre-fabrication – We will begin pre-fabricating your building several days in advance of the installation. At this time, we will begin placing the rough openings for items like doors, windows and vents.

• Restocking/Rescheduling Fee – If changes or cancellation occurs within 5 days of installation, a restocking/rescheduling or cancellation fee may apply. At this point, building materials have already been ordered, inventoried and have potentially been pre-fabricated.

The Projects
Backsplash in Kitchen
Bench - 2 x 4 Basics Flip-Top Bench Table
Brick Replacement and Brick Accent Painting
Casper Mattress
Ceiling Tiles
Closet Built from Scratch
Column Wraps for 4" x 8" Posts
Concrete Slabs
Curb Appealing Street Numbers
Cut Paper Artwork - Kitchen
Door Knobs and Cabinet Pulls
Dry rotted wood beam repair and paint
Doggy door installed on wrought iron screen door - Repair of door
Duct Work
End Table / Cabinet - Vintage / Industrial Look
Faux Brick and Tile
- Stucco wall patio and backyard stairs
    using concrete patch

- Painted tile pool deck (Oklahoma)
File Cabinet - Vintage / Industrial Look
Fire Place Hearth Shelves
Furniture Assembly
Garage Closet - Oklahoma
Garage Facelift - Closet, etc
Gate From Hell
Horrible Man Cave (rec room) Total Renovation
House Entrance Renovation
How to fix holes in a wrought iron screen door and replace screen
How to Make Your Own Door
- Crawl Space Door
How to Winterize a Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler
Kitchen Counter Tops - Faux Granite
Kitchen Facelift
Kitchen Light Facelift
Laundry Room Cupboards
Main Bathroom Repair / Remodel
Master Bathroom Shower Area Stripped to the Studs
Mirror Frames
Oklahoma Home Facelift -- Aluminum Siding and Paint
OMG!  The sink was leaking the whole time we were away?
Raising the Roof - Garage Roof Replacement
Rock Wall Repair
Rolling Cabinet - Vintage /  Industrial Look
Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum - Review
Siding - Exterior
Signage for Pine Ridge Estates
Solar Lighting Journey
Stair Door
Stairs to the Lower Level
Stencils - How to Make Your Own Stencils for Paint Projects
Storage Shed / Closet
Storm Shelter (Oklahoma)
Stucco Wall Repair and Paint
Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler Maintenance
Treadmill Table - Vintage Style
Tuff Shed
Wrought Iron Facelift Outside
Weather Stripping (doors)
Why is My Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler Blowing Hot Air?
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